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Baby Mummy’s Curse
Part of today’s FREEDOM FRIDAY on DESURA

I’m very happy to announce that my game is out now on DESURA and part of the FREEDOM FRIDAY promotion. The package includes four indie games for free! 

Go here to get all four indie games:

Baby Mummy’s Curse game page on DESURA:

You can find some bonus material there:
A collection of all Baby Mummy chiptunes by NAGZ’s and exclusive wallpapers … just saying! ;)

Have fun! 


CG Surprise!
2D to 3D Photoshop Extension (“Pixel-Perfect Edition”)

One of my very first blog entries here on Tumblr was about tamiq’s Photoshop extension "Pablo the Pixel Art Builder".

Tamiq has recently published a new extension called “CG Surprise!”.
It’s a tool that recognizes up to three layers as sides of an object and builds it fully automatically with one mouse click.

The tool comes in three editions:

- Vector Edition
- Smooth Edition
- Pixel-Perfect Edition

The “Pixel-Perfect Edition” is most useful for crispy pixel art. 
What the tool is capable to do in detail, shows best the video.

If you dig isometric and similar pixel art, this tool is truly worth a closer look!

You can find more information on the product site:


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